The ICE-KEY device is an Italian product created in collaboration with a company that is an expert in NFC and medical data management.

We care about your health, your protection and your safety: every athlete can easily enter their medical information into this new device, so that everything is immediately available in case of emergency.

ICE-KEY TAG allows customers to take advantage of an innovative passive security system that is unique on the market, capable of containing their personal details and medical data, allowing them to contact family members by phone and/or send them a help message with their geographical position (GPS coordinates). All the information contained within ICE-KEY is entered under the responsibility of the user and is simultaneously translated into 7 different languages (IT, FR, DE, EN, ES, PT, NL). Rescuers, through a device such as a smartphone or tablet, can view in real time the personal and health data of the injured person and activate a rapid and effective medical intervention, reducing the risk of making mistakes. Users can also place copies of documents they consider important on their web page and decide whether to make them visible or invisible and which of these to leave available to a possible rescuer. All this is made possible through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology without the aid of a PC, in the absence of internet signals, simply by using a smartphone and/or tablet device equipped with the same technology.

The characteristics of the ICE - KEY

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– Unique and innovative passive security system.

– Users can enter their personal and medical data.

– He can upload the documents he considers important and decide which ones to make visible or not to a possible rescuer. 

– He can contact people by phone and send their geographical position to their relatives.

– The information entered is simultaneously translated into seven different languages.

– Uses NFC technology

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