For the summer version the planar thermal circuit is used, in which the Graphene is printed directly on the internal layer of the fabric; being directly in contact with the skin, it creates an active interaction between your body and the cloth itself. This ensures a dissipation and an equalization of heat by counteracting the creation of hot-spots. Furthermore, it grants a bacteriostatic effect: the bacterial growth is stopped, resulting in an “odor-free” effect.

Planar Thermal Circuit® (PTC) is a patented technology by Directa Plus. PTC allows the heat equalization, in which the heat moves from the hottest areas to the colder ones. In this way, the comfort is improved and the body temperature is kept uniform and there will be no hot spots. Furthermore, this process makes the fabric bacteriostatic, it removes sweat from the skin and produce an odor-free effect. This technology combined with our highly-breathable RESPIRO-Breathe skin fabric grants perfect clothes for warm summer days.


We tested and certified down to the last detail a new combination of 3 materials that is named 3LAYEER®. In this compund the Graphene Plus is placed between a natural fabric of merino wool and lyocell, and a waterproof interlock. Thanks to the 3LAYEER®, we designed the SKUDO jacket, suitable both for cold and hot weather. Your body won’t feel the thermal shock and will remain dry because the membrane where the Graphene Plus is inserted is able to homogenize the heat.

In addition to being windproof, the Graphene Plus® Membrane is also waterproof up to (10,000mm) and breathable. The presence of this technology in a garment allows to equalize the body temperature by moving the heat from the hottest areas to the colder ones (typically the peripherical parts of the body). This results in the equalization of the body temperature and, therefore, in the thermal well-being of the final user. Furthermore, thanks to the infrared absorption capacity, the membrane is able to absorb the body heat and redirect it against the user’s body when the external temperature drops. This guarantees excellent thermal comfort even with minimum thicknesses. Moreover, the membrane proofs to be antibacterial: this translates into greater safety for the user and an odor-free effect. In fact, Graphene Plus stops the bacterial proliferation of body.

Graphene and its properties

Thermoregulator: absorbs, transmits and dissipates heat, whatever the weather.

Antistatic: prevents the accumulation of charges on the fabric surface

Protects against UV rays.

Dermatologically tested.


Bacteriostatic: thanks to its structure, it counteracts the reproduction of bacteria.

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