Energy 75


Designed for professional cyclists, it is also a must-have for weekend riders.

The Energy 75 bibshorts have a snug and supportive fit that adapts to the body and holds the pad in place.

The highly elastic material consists of a calendered fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion and pilling for the inner leg, and a printable fabric that is always very strong and has a tight weave that lasts over time without losing its performance characteristics.

A light layer of silicone is applied to the elasticated braces to keep them in place without irritation.

The back has a breathable mesh insert and a small raw-cut pocket.

A comfortable siliconised elastic band at the end of the leg, available in two different heights, and flat seams complete this high-performance garment.

XS - 3XL

16° – 30°

– Customisable side bands and back patch

– DOC90 and DOC89 padding

– Flat seams

– Elastic band with grip, height 8 cm

– 22% EA inside
– TENACY bands and patch printable
– 100% PL NET back




in summary

Men’s pad: DOC90 density 120 kg

Flat seams.

Pocket on the back.

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