Emotion mid

Maglia mid-season

The EMOTION MID shirt is an excellent product for the mid-season and for protection against the first colds, when the temperature starts to drop.

The jersey is made of high-quality TECNO FABRIC. Very comfortable, it guarantees perfect thermal protection and sweat evaporates naturally, keeping body temperature constant.

The gauzed inside gives softness and a comfortable fit.

As it is bi-elastic, it fits snugly but is in no way constrictive.

Combined with a waistcoat, it provides complete protection from the wind.

XS - 3XL

14° – 19°

– Body fit medium

– High visibility detail

– Three back pockets

– Techno fabric – 85% PL + 15% EA throughout



Thermal insulation

in summary

Covered camlock zip.

Internal siliconised elastic for a secure hold in place.

Three back pockets finished with elastic.

High visibility insert under centre pocket

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